Future Generation are looking for various services and providers that will support the delivery of the project as well as the operational requirements of the accommodation camps and site offices. To date, more than 70 Snowy Mountains-based businesses have been involved in Snowy 2.0 through the provision of landscaping, haulage, surveying, civil works, and equipment supplies, among other services.

Packages that will go to market include:

  • First Aid training

  • Four-wheel drive training

  • Snow and ice vehicle training

  • Personnel Protective Equipment

  • In Vehicle Monitoring System

  • Operations and maintenance of the camps

  • Permanent access roads

  • Cut and fill

  • Road drainage and services to camp

  • Batching plants and concrete supply

  • Fuel supply

  • Fuel depot and fuel distribution

  • Temporary power including generators

  • Concrete placement

  • Supply and installation of fencing works

  • Permanent drainage and water

  • Temporary electrical works

  • Construction waste and camp waste

  • Provision of water tanks

  • Traffic management services

  • Diesel storage tanks Exploratory camps

For more information please read our Business and Supply fact sheet.

To submit your interest please send your query to our procurement team.

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