Project Update

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Exploratory Works

Following a thorough and rigorous environmental assessment and approval process, the NSW Government approved the Snowy 2.0 Exploratory Works.

Exploratory Works are now underway in the Lobs Hole area of Kosciuszko National Park, with Leed Engineering and Construction upgrading sections of existing roads and tracks and establishing 2km of new road so that there is safe and reliable access into the construction site. The Future Generation Joint Venture have commenced on site with a number of pre-construction activities being undertaken as part of these works.

  • Survey Works – to gather information for the detailed design stage of the project and to set out the environmental and cultural heritage boundaries.

  • Environmental Monitoring – to provide baseline data prior to construction activities taking place. This information will be used to monitor and mitigate any environmental disturbance during construction activities.

  • Geotechnical Investigations – to gain a greater understanding of the underground geological conditions at the likely location of the power station and to inform the detailed design of the project.

Due to these works and the upgrade and establishment of site access roads by Leed Engineering and Construction, restrictions have been introduced to ensure your safety and that of our construction team. Lobs Hole Ravine Road and the Lobs Hole remote camping area are now closed to the public.